Winter Dog Car Care - Our tips to keep your car clean.

Posted by Zena Conkey on Nov 19, 2019

Winter Dog Car Care – Keep That Back Seat Clean

Here we are again, the months where everything is wet and hostile to cleanliness most of the time. Mud gets everywhere, the dog is losing his summer coat to make way for the winter fluff and paw prints end up in the most unusual places.

The house needs more cleaning than it did just last month and the car is in a perpetual state of disarray, so we decided to offer some advice on how to keep the dog transporter clean when all of the odds are against you.

If you want a clean car and have an active dog it may seem that the two cannot possibly combine, unless of course you live in glorious rolling hills and can walk from the door. Dogs like to walk in different areas though, it alleviates boredom and keeps them keen through the winter, so winter walking more often than not involves a car journey. Read on for our tips on keeping that car clean, whatever the weather.

Invest in a Quality Car Seat Cover

A great quality car seat cover is a good investment, it will keep all of the mud, hair and occasional vomit of the plush interior of the car seats. Proper car seat covers, with dog transportation in mind, are designed to hold all of the dirt within then they can be taken away and washed, leaving your auto as good as new.

We recommend the Ruffwear bench seat cover. This will apply weatherproof protection for one or multiple dogs on the back seat. It's a strong, waterproof and snug seat protection with the necessary safety gaps for seatbelts.

In addition to car seat covers it’s a great idea to invest in a highly absorbent towel that you can give your dog a good rub with before travel. Let’s face it, rain is highly likely to catch you unawares, and soggy car seats rarely ever recover. Or why not get a doggy dry coat for the journey?

Simply zip your wet dog up and the coat will naturally soak up all of that wet in the car on the way home, this is one of our most favourite products.

Like it or not, we have dogs which need to get out to run and play in the winter, this is our pay off for all of the love, summer hikes and fun camping trips that we share with them in the summer.

You have probably noticed, as have we, that the parks and woods are much emptier in the rain, because not everyone is a die-hard dog walker like we are. Yet it makes perfect sense to protect the car and the rest of our lives from wet dog disasters by kitting up ready for winter walks, wouldn’t you say?