We love our Brand Ambassadors! We gift them some of our favourite products and new goodies to try out on their daily adventures and day to day lives, so that they can come back to us with honest, first hand and personal feedback.


Are you wondering what their favourite treats and toys are, or where their favourite place to explore is? Find out everything you need to know about them and their humans below, and remember to give them a follow on instagram if you want to see what they get up to!

Brooke & Sophie

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Fife, Scotland
Brooke loves to go swimming at the beach, and climbing hills with long grass to roll in!

Murphy & Scott

Lemon Beagle

Fife, Scotland
Murphy loves to sniff his way all the way up the hills, and he enjoys a good antler to chew on at treat time.

Oscar, Bailey & Aleesha

Yellow & Chocolate Labrador Retrievers

Bradford, England
Oscar & Bailey's absolute favourite place to go is the beach where they love going for a swim.

Skylar & Kathryn

Basset Hound

Edinburgh, Scotland
Skylar loves walks in the forest and sniffing out animal scents.

Finn & Paul


Fife, Scotland
Finn loves digging big holes at the beach and really enjoys munching on a tasty pigs ear!