Welcome to K9 Active's collection of Dog Life Jackets and buoyancy aids, your one-stop shop for all your dog's water adventures! Whether it's paddle boarding (SUP - Stand Up Paddleboarding), kayaking, rafting, or just a fun swim, our life jackets are the perfect companion for your furry friend.

Our designs feature strategically placed panels that keep your dog afloat, ensuring their safety while not compromising on comfort. Adjustable and snug, our life jackets provide the best kind of safety for dogs in the water. Dive into our collection and find the perfect life jacket for your dog today!

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Dog Life Jacket FAQ's

A dog life jacket provides buoyancy, making it easier for your dog to swim. It also adds an extra layer of safety, keeping your dog afloat in case they get tired or face difficulty in the water. Additionally, life jackets often come with handles that allow you to easily pull your dog out of the water if necessary.

When choosing a life jacket, you should measure your dog's length, girth, and weight. The jacket should fit snugly but not too tightly. Most manufacturers provide a size chart that you can refer to when choosing the right size.

While some dogs are natural swimmers, not all breeds are adept at swimming. Even for breeds that can swim, a life jacket is recommended for safety, especially in deep or rough waters.

Start by letting your dog wear the life jacket at home for short periods. Reward them with treats and praise to create a positive association. Gradually increase the wear time and introduce them to water while they're wearing the jacket.

This depends on how frequently it's used and the condition of the jacket. Regularly check for signs of wear and tear. If the buoyancy is compromised or if the jacket is damaged, it's time to replace it.

It's not recommended for a dog to wear a life jacket all day as it can cause discomfort and restrict their movement. It should only be worn during water activities.

Look for a life jacket that has adjustable straps for a good fit, a handle for easy rescue, high buoyancy, and bright colors or reflective strips for visibility.

Yes, dog life jackets are designed for a range of water activities including swimming, boating, surfing, and more. However, always supervise your dog when they're in or near water.

Most life jackets can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. Always check the care label for specific instructions. After cleaning, let it air dry completely before storage.

Yes, puppies can wear life jackets. It's a great way to introduce them to water and keep them safe. Ensure the life jacket is the right size and always supervise your puppy when they're in the water.