The Beauty Of Dog Boots

Posted by Zena Conkey on Dec 01, 2021

Boots for your dog – a few years ago this was unheard of. But recently and with the design of canine footwear becoming so advanced and easy to use more and more dogs and their owners are benefiting from the beauty of boots.

Dog boots are about function, not fashion. That’s not to say they don’t look great if a little unusual. Most dog owners report back that most interest shown in their dog’s footwear is positive. And the benefits to dogs that have paws with needs are immense. So here are some reasons why so many dogs are wearing boots. Read on, you may find that your pet could benefit too;

Extreme weather

In deep winter or hot summer months the dog’s paws can suffer on walks. Hiking on hot rock and shingle will be uncomfortable at best but also cause painful burning to sensitive pads. In the wintertime boots can prevent snow and ice build-up between toes and make walking altogether a more comfortable experience.

Long hikes on uneven ground can also cause softer pads to wear away until the dog’s feet actually bleed. Boots with a rubber sole are perfect for providing that extra support.

Injury or illness

As our dogs get older they can begin to drag back legs, particularly larger breeds who can struggle with arthritis such as the German shepherd dog and the Labrador. This dragging can cause friction on both the soft pads and toenails of the dog, it can even cause bleeding. By providing the dog with boots you can prevent further discomfort and injury.

If your dog has a weakness from a previously cut paw then boots will prevent further pressure during subsequent walks. The boots will also – sized properly – fit over a paw bandage and are far more functional and simple to use than the traditional plastic bag.


Pollen allergies and an aversion to certain grasses and plants can spoil a walk for any dog. Excessive exposure to allergens will result in itchiness, discomfort, chewing and even hair loss. It will certainly spoil your dog’s quality of life and ensure many visits to the veterinarian. So if you do suspect allergy, before involving medication, why not try boots. Putting a quality barrier between your dog and the irritation may just do the trick. We have multiple feedback messages from our customers who say that purchasing dog boots has been paramount in preventing the allergic reaction altogether.

Boots can also be used to walk through areas of potential hazard for instance where there may be broken glass, harmful substances or the ground is slippery. Many police forces and military operations use dog boots as a standard issue now. Even laminate flooring can cause injury so if your dog must walk on it and he is at risk of hurting himself it is certainly worth giving canine footwear a chance.

Be prepared though for your dog to need time to get used to his new attire. Introduce them carefully and in a positive way for most pets will find it a bit odd at first.

As a parting thought on the subject – and it is a bit naughty – we are almost certain that your dog’s first reaction to his new boots will make you smile. Get that camera out and catch the moment because he will soon get used to them.