Blue - Hungarian Vizsla


Blue - Hungarian Vizsla

Blue, the smallest member of the K9Active team, we gave him the nick name of BooBoo from a very young age. Unknown to us his Granddad also has a nick name Yogi Bear talk about a funny coincidence.

He loves toys soft, hard, squeaky or bouncy, so much so he is now K9Active’s official dog toy tester. His best trick is to sneak in to the stock room when no one is looking to check out the new arrivals.

(Boss: I wondered why the stock never adds up)

He is a typical Vizsla and hates the cold and the rain, which is a bit of a problem as he lives in Scotland the home of cold wet weather. This means he is the ideal candidate to test out all our winter dog jackets.

His new best friends are the four girls that have moved in to our back garden, don’t know if he realises yet that they are chickens and not new puppies.