Hydro Plane by Ruffwear

Description & Size guide


For the dog that loves to swim, but tends to lose sight of his toy in the water, is the Ruffwear Hydro Plane. This cute high floating dog toy is a wonderfully soft disk that is oversized enough to spot and comfy for your dog to bring back to the shore time and again.

Because of a unique and pontoon-like construction your dog will be able to spot the Hydro plane however choppy the waves are. This water friendly dog toy is even strong enough for a game of tug and many general retrieve games. Yet the soft foam interior will always revert to its original shape no matter how much it is squashed.

The Ruffwear Hydro plane is abrasive resistant and durable and can be spot cleaned or washed in warm water then hung to dry. 


One Size diameter 30cm (12")