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Puppy Power is a 100% natural supplement by Proflax which is ideal for the first 16-18 months of their life. During this time, they are forever growing, developing, and forming the foundations of their character both emotionally and physically. A nutritious, healthy, fresh diet is recommended, as well as mental stimulation for their brain development, exercise, positive interaction with people and other animals, and lots of love will make for a happy healthy canine companion!

Once you figure out what healthy nutritious food your fur baby loves at mealtimes, we recommend adding some Puppy Power supplement to their dinner. Pups need a lot more calories, nutrients, and essential fatty acids to support them as they develop. Your puppy will grow very fast, so it’s important to keep on top of their growth and development as well as support them, Puppy Power will do just that.

Puppy Power contains a blend of 8 active herbal ingredients, including Chamomile, Nettle, Calendula, Gotu Kola, Turmeric, Marshmallow Root, Fennel and Fenugreek. The added Flaxseed Oil provides the perfect balance of omega 3 & 6 for those essential fatty acids. This combination of herbal ingredients is of course 100% safe, natural, and healthy. They work together to support the growth and health of your puppy’s heart, circulation, bones & joints, immune, digestive, and nervous systems whilst also promoting healthy coat and skin. The adaptogenic and calming herbs will also help your puppy focus and concentrate which will be very helpful during training and socialising.

This puppy supplement will bring a range of health benefits. For example, Nettle will keep their skin & coat healthy and shiny whilst helping their circulation, bladder and kidney function. Chamomile aids digestion and maintains calmness for socialising and training, whilst Turmeric supports their bone and joint health. Gotu Kola helps with collagen production and supports a healthy nervous system, while Calendula supports digestive and urinary health as well as liver function and looking after their immune system. Fennel contains vitamins A and C helping to support their eyes and bones, and Fenugreek is known to be a natural parasite repellent as well as helping their digestive system function normally.

Simply add to their food to maintain your puppy’s good general health as well as helping every part of their body and mind develop to its full capacity so they can live a long, happy and healthy life!


  • Promotes all the important essential fatty acids to support the health of the heart, brain, circulation & digestive system
  • Supports a healthy nervous system
  • Supports healthy joints and bones
  • Relaxing and calming herbal ingredients
  • Holistic formula for physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Keeps their skin and coat in good condition

Available in a 250ml bottle


Not recommended for pregnant or nursing dogs or puppies under 8 weeks old.

Use for the first 16-18 months of tbeir life or until full maturity is reached.

Do not use if your dog is known to be allergic to any of the ingredients or if your dog is taking blood thinning/modulating tablets.

Pre operation, stop feeding 3-5 days prior to and after anaesthetic.

Please check with your vet if you dog is taking other medications as some herbs may affect absorption efficiency.

Feeding guidelines

Feed 1ml to every 2kg of your dog’s weight, add it to their food once daily, or every other day depending on how much support is needed. Shake well before each use and store in the fridge to keep fresh. Store in a cool dry place once opened. Can be added to wet, dry or raw food.


flaxseed oil, Chamomile, Nettle, Calendula, Gotu Kola, Turmeric, Marshmallow Root, Fennel and Fenugreek