Proflax Liver Love Supplement

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Proflax Liver Love formula is a 100% natural dog supplement for the liver which contains concentrated active herbs that work together to support your dog’s liver function and health. Ingredients include dandelion, milk thistle, yarrow, artichoke, schizandra, yellow dock and liquorice, all safe for our dogs to ingest and offer a range of impressive health benefits.

Your dog’s Liver is one of the most important organs in their body, it works hard to cleanse all the toxins from minerals, chemicals or any ingestible source. These toxins can come from anything that your dog encounters in their day to day life, including medication, household cleaning products, vaccinations, chemical flea treatments, anaesthetic, poor quality water and unsuitable food and nasty additives. As their body grows and time goes by, toxins do begin to build up in the liver and can make their lymphatic system become sluggish, this can show through a change of condition in their skin and coat.

This is also a very useful supplement for dogs who seem to be allergic or over sensitive to everything they eat, have skittish behaviour, chronic gut health or are shedding profusely. The root cause could be down to a compromised immune system caused by toxins built up in the liver.

To keep it healthy, it is recommended to give their liver a well needed cleanse every 6-12 months or as needed, usually you should do this if they are using ongoing medication, after vaccinations or anaesthetic or if your dog is older. It can also be used alongside Tummy Tastic as an allergy relief protocol, Liver Love helps to detox the liver and Tummy Tastic will rebuild the gut so your dog can continue to live their life to the fullest.

Containing 3 adaptogens which help to support the body emotionally and physically, such as Milk Thistle which also has powerful antioxidant properties and supports cell regeneration and function of the liver. Dandelion is rich in vitamins and Yarrow supports optimal digestion, appetite, and circulation. Yellow Dock is known for cleansing and detoxifying, and Artichoke is high in antioxidants which help to aid bile flow and regeneration of the liver tissue, as well as gallbladder function. Schizandra supports a healthy overall immune system whilst also promoting relaxation, calm and can help protect against infections and gastrointestinal disorders. Liquorice helps to maintain healthy digestion and aids respiration and it’s what gives Liver Love a delicious taste!

Each ingredient has been specially selected by a holistic vet for maximum efficacy, visible relief and health benefits can be seen in as little as 7-10 days in some dogs. Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1 litre.


  • Calming & relaxing supplement without any drowsiness
  • Encourages better concentration and focus
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Nutritionally supportive
  • Holistic ingredients for physical and emotional wellbeing
  • Supports healthy heart and musculoskeletal system


Feed 1ml to every 2kg of your dog’s weight, add to their regular food once a day, or every other day depending on how much support is needed. Can be added to wet, dry or raw food. Shake well before each use and keep in the fridge once opened to maintain freshness. Store in a cool dry place prior to opening.


Great for dogs who need a thorough cleanse of the liver after being on medication, anaesthetic or exposure to chemicals or toxins. Liver Love helps the function of their liver especially in elderly dogs or breeds with predisposed liver problems. Can be used every 12-18 months. Suitable for all breeds.

Can be used alongside Tummy Tastic as an allergy relief protocol to cleanse toxins and rebuild gut microbiome, feed in a daily rotation.

Not recommended for pregnant or nursing dogs or puppies under the age of 8 weeks.

Do not use if your dog is known to be allergic to any of the ingredients or if your dog is taking blood thinning/modulating tablets.

Pre operation, stop feeding 3-5 days prior to and after anaesthetic.

Please check with your vet if you dog is taking other medications as some herbs may affect absorption efficiency.

Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Yarrow, Artichoke, Schizandra, Yellow Dock and Liquorice.