Collaps a Bowl by Kurgo

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Kurgo Kurgo Lifetime WarrantyHow many times have you put the dog, or dogs, into the car and got halfway to your walking destination before realising that you forgot their drinking bowl? Dogs cannot sweat to cool down like we can so rely on air and water to cool the inside of their body through breathing and drinking. Water is essential during travel, particularly during the hotter months when a dog can easily overheat in the car and on hikes.

To prevent a thirsty dog Kurgo have designed exactly what you need. A travel dog bowl that is easy to keep handy at all times. The canine travel company have brought us the Kurgo Collaps-A-Bowl.

This collapsible dog water bowl designed specifically to tuck into the smallest corner of a car; backpack or even doggy backpack has won multi awards for its accordion type design. When collapsed the bowl is only an inch thick yet is sturdy enough when ‘popped up’ to hold all the water your dog can drink.

Perfect for camping, hill walking, car travel and trail runs. This collapsible bowl is sturdy, dishwasher friendly and even available in a range of colours to suit the rest of your canine accessories.



One Size 0.875" x 6" 3.5" x 6" 0.7L (24 fl oz)