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Does your dog need a healthy distraction or something to keep them occupied when you’re not home? Use the LickiMat Classic Buddy to entertain your canine companion whilst reducing stress, anxiety, destructive behaviour and boredom all at once. Simply pop some of your dog’s favourite foods onto the treat mat like peanut butter, frozen yoghurt and raspberries or a delicious dog pate mixed with their kibble or raw food – yum! This regular size is great for all breeds and sizes.

On the Buddy LickiMats, you will find a raised cross pattern surface, when your dog licks this it stimulates their tongue as they try to get their tasty treats out of the mat and into their mouth. The action of your dog licking releases endorphins and good energy whilst also enhancing their sense of taste, even a small amount of food is made much more enjoyable on the Lickimat. Licking also generates saliva that helps to protect their teeth and gums and can aid digestion as it contains enzymes such as amylase. The natural rubber surface of the mats helps to scrape away food particles and odours causing bacteria from their tongue promoting a healthier mouth and fresher breath.

This dog treat mat can also help you hide any medication or supplements amongst their food as your pup is licking away. The Lickimat Buddy is the perfect treat distraction for dogs, whether they are home alone, have separation anxiety, going on a visit to the vets, getting injections, having their nails clipped or any other stressful times of year like the fireworks on bonfire night.

Making a great alternative to slow feeders, the Lickimat ultimately slows down the rate your dog eats their food, great for any canines that eat a little bit too fast! As they are eating slower, this also reduces bloating and improves their digestive health. You can even freeze the Lickimat with their food on top, perfect for an even slower feed and makes a great summer cooling treat!


  • Serve a range of healthy treats and foods at once
  • Ultimate boredom buster & reduces anxiety
  • Licking stimulates & generates saliva good for oral & digestive health
  • Add pastes like peanut butter or frozen yoghurt
  • Can be used with raw, dry, or wet food and any treats
  • Great for hiding supplements and medicine
  • Cleans their tongue

Regular size suitable for all breeds & sizes, 20 x 20cm / 8 x 8”


  • Non toxic food grade TPR
  • Freezer Safe
  • Hand Wash
  • Microwave friendly