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The LickiMat Soother XL is a great boredom buster for when your dog is home alone, anxiety relief for stressful situations like vet visits, injections, bath time, the groomers, fireworks, and thunderstorms.

This XL version of the soother is much bigger measuring at 25 x 30cm, great for medium to large breed dogs who need a little more room for food to fill their tummy!

The Soother features a design with some raised bumps which help to stimulate your dog’s tongue as they’re licking, the action of licking releases happy hormones which will help reduce anxiety and boredom. These raised bumps also help to promote fresh breath and healthy gums by scraping off bacteria and undigested food particles from the tongue. Licking produces more saliva which is great for their digestive health, and the slower eating time means more relaxed digestion, ultimately reducing bloat and upset tummies.

When it comes to adding food, simply pop on some tasty treats like frozen yoghurt or peanut butter, any soft spreads like ice cream with some delicious berries, or even pate with some of your dog’s favourite kibble. You can also just use their daily food whether it’s raw, dry, wet, or liquid. The Soother can even be frozen, making it the perfect cooling treat during summer, or great if you just need their sweet treat to last a bit longer.

If your dog is on any medication or tablets, the Soother is great for hiding their medicine inside their food, they won’t even notice whilst they enjoy licking away on the mat! You can even use the Soother to redirect any licking habits, good or bad, which will ultimately help reduce your training and crate time.

Like any Lickimat product, the Soother is a great alternative to a slow feeder or your average feeding bowl. Make meal time and snack time more fun, and keep them distracted, less stressed and anxious all at once. Made from natural rubber making it 100% safe and suitable for your dog to lick and eat food from. This size is ideal for bigger dogs but you won’t need to worry about over feeding, it’s the perfect dimensions to hold their meals, snacks, and tasty treats!


  • XL side for medium to large breed dogs
  • No silicone rubber, environmentally friendly and safe
  • Reduces stress, anxiety and boredom
  • Scrapes bacteria and leftover food particles from the tongue
  • Stimulates and creates happy hormones through the action of licking
  • Promotes healthy teeth, gums & digestive system
  • Freezer & microwave safe

Handwash only

Suitable for all sizes and breeds. Supervise your dog for the first few times of use to ensure they won’t chew the mat.

Size: 25 x 30cm / 10 x 12”