What breed and age is Murphy?

Murphy is a Lemon Beagle and is coming up for 2 years old.

What is the story behind finding Murphy?

One of our family members already had 2 Beagles and they're brilliant wee dogs. Then we heard the breeder had had another litter but by the time we got in touch they were all gone apart from one, but another family had got in just before us. But then a few days later we found out they had changed their mind and we didn't waste any more time and brought Murphy back with us as soon as we could.

Where is his favourite place to go?

He loves to get a good run up the hills in Fife (East & West Lomond and Benarty hill especially) and we're waiting for the better weather to come before heading up some Munro's. You can usually find him around Lochore Meadows as well. Anywhere he can get a good sniff really!

What is his favourite outdoor activity?

Murphy's nose never leaves the ground when we go outside. We've even done some scentwork training with him to help him tune in even more. He must know every set of feet & paws that have walked that path before him.

What is his favourite treat and toy?

Murphy isn't much of a toy lover, as he loves to rip and shred them instead, so he'd much rather sit down to a new Yaker or Antler dog chew. For treats he really likes the Hemp Oil Infused treats by Anco when he's out a walk or training and as a reward after a long walk he'll get a few Turkey Feet or one of the Giant Sticks (Bully, Goat, Lamb etc).

Check out Murphy's Instagram and give him a follow so you can see what he's getting up to! @scruffy_murphy2602