What breed and age is Brooke?

Brooke is an 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

What is the story behind finding Brooke?

When looking at different breeds I loved the size, energy and trainability of staffies. They always got a bad reputation but are massive softies. She's the perfect combination of up for it with walks but happy to snooze away at home too. She had been brought back to the breeder when I seen her advert. She'd been in her new home for a week but was apparently too boisterous for their toddler. After being raised with a collie and a jack Russell I can confirm she was absolutely the opposite of boisterous. She was just..a puppy..

Where is her favourite place to go?

The beach or hills with long grass to roll in. Sand and snow are definitely two things she gets super excited about.

What is her favourite outdoor activity?

In summer 100% beach and swimming to retrieve her ruffwear lunker. Every other season other than winter as we're not experienced enough yet she loves the hills and climbing munros.

What is her favourite treat and toy?

She LOVES JR pate and the Eden dog treats. Her favourite toys have been all of her Fluff & Tuff toys. A lot of stuffed toys are disemboweled very quickly but these ones have stood the test so far. Her top ones are the red squirrel, Walter the rabbit and currently Bob the zebra. She is also partial to a ball, tennis, football, she doesn't discriminate

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