Totally Natural Turkey & Tripe

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Dive into the rich, nourishing goodness of the Totally Natural Turkey and Tripe blend, an exceptional choice for the discerning DIY dog diet enthusiast. This blend is thoughtfully formulated with a perfect balance of 45% turkey and 45% beef tripe, complemented by 10% bone to offer a well-rounded, nutritious base for homemade meals. Turkey, known for its lean protein, provides the essential nutrients needed for muscle maintenance and overall vitality. Beef tripe, packed with digestive enzymes and probiotics, supports a healthy gut, making this combination not just delicious but incredibly beneficial for your dog’s health.

This grain-free blend ensures a mix rich in quality protein (15.8%), moderate in fat (13.3%) to support energy levels and coat health, with just the right amount of fiber (1.2%) for digestive wellness. The ash content (2.2%) represents a balanced mineral profile, essential for your pet’s internal health.

Ideal for those crafting their pets’ meals with precision and care, the Totally Natural Turkey and Tripe blend serves as a versatile, nutritious foundation that encourages a healthy, active lifestyle. Available in 1kg frozen bags, it’s the go-to choice for pet owners aiming to provide a diet that mirrors the variety and balance found in nature.