Tick Twister by O'Tom

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This handy little tool is a must for the home of every country loving dog and even human because ticks have been known to happily jump onto bare ankles and bite.


Just as the weather warms up and throughout the milder months we begin to find ticks. Often picked up in long grass and bushy areas the tick will bury his head under the skin of your dog and drink, until he is fat, then fall off and waddle away.


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On seeing a tick for the first time you could easily be tempted to grab and pull but this is not how to remove this parasite. Because the tick’s life depends on his ability to hang in there on his host you are likely to do one of two things;

  • Leave the ticks head under the skin whilst pulling off the body
  • Burst the tick’s body making all the innards flood though its mouth into your dog’s or your own, body.

Most of the veterinary approved parasite treatments will kill ticks as they drink. If, like us, you would like to get the little parasite off your dog quickly then a tick twister is essential.


The Tick Twister works by slipping between your dog and the body area of the tick. You can then just remove the entire parasite with one small twist. Leaving the head intact and then you can simply dispose of the tick. The dog will find entire the procedure painless.


The Tick Twister is a completely essential item of canine kit.