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This handy little tool is a must for the home of every country loving dog, and even humans - ticks have been known to happily jump onto bare ankles and bite. Just as the weather warms up and throughout the milder months we begin to find ticks. Often picked up in long grass and bushy areas the tick will bury his head under the skin of your dog and drink until full up, then fall off and waddle away.

On seeing a tick for the first time you could easily be tempted to grab and pull but this is not how to remove this parasite. Most of the veterinary approved parasite treatments will kill ticks as they drink. If, like us, you would like to get the little parasite off your dog quickly then a tick twister is essential. The tick’s life depends on his ability to hang in there on his host, if you go straight in there to pull one out, you are likely to do one of two things;

  • Leave the ticks head under the skin whilst pulling off the body
  • Burst the tick’s body making all the innards flood though its mouth into your dog’s or your own, body.

Leaving the head or mouth parts in your dog's skin makes the rest harder to pull out and can then cause painful inflammation or infection. Ticks also cause the likes of Lyme disease and Tick Borne Encephalitis if not removed properly. The Tick's Rostrum (what we would assume is the head) is covered in backwards pointing spikes which is what anchors it into the skin. By pulling, the spikes then rise and lock the rostrum in the skin, this is where you may end up pulling the body off leaving other parts still stuck in the skin.

The Tick Twister works by slipping between your dog and the body area of the tick. Use the Tick Twister to twist, the twisting action makes the spikes bend into the rotation, this way it is removed easily without traction and decreases the risk of breaking the rostrum. Whilst removing a tick, it's essential not to squeeze the body, this can release more of the tick's saliva which contains irritating substances and sometimes microorganisms that can cause infections or allergies. The Tick Twister puts no pressure on the abdomen, the simple twist just releases the tick from the skin. It is important that you remove the tick safely and as quickly as possible without breaking the mouth and without killing it beforehand. 

This pack contains two sizes of tick twisters, one for smaller ticks and one for larger ones. These tick remover tools are also 100% recyclable and handy to pop in your backpack when off out on your adventures, just in case those pesky little bugs decide to cling onto your pup, you can be ready to twist them right off. Remember to give your dog's coat a thorough pat down, brush through and feel with your hands on a daily basis, especially if you've just been out for a walk in long grass and bushes. 

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