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Chewroots are a 100% natural dog chew to keep your dog busy. They are even collected by hand from tree roots in protected areas to make sure that there is no damage to the tree's root system, or to the forest itself. Completely natural and not treated making them 100% safe and ideal for our furry friends. Only the tuber part of the root is taken in limited numbers per year, this part of the root then re grows - making these chew roots eco-sustainable which we love!

These Chewroots are a natural doggy toothbrush, taking care of their dental hygiene and cleaning plaque from their teeth. They are natural tree sourced treats that won't splinter and simply crumble as your dog chews into them. These dog chews are really durable and long lasting thanks to their dense sizes. Full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, and their natural shape is highly attractive to dog, think about all those times your dog has went straight for some sticks on the ground and tree roots in the park! There is a size of chewroot to suit  dogs of all sizes and breeds, including puppies, from XS - XL.


  • Naturally occurring vitamins and minerals
  • 100% natural, not treated and sustainably sourced
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Their natural form is attractive to dogs
  • Available is many sizes to suit from toy to giant breed dogs
  • Great for retrieve and hide and seek games