Earth Rated 120 Unscented Poo Bags

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These unscented poo bags by Earth Rated come as a set of 8 refill rolls with 120 bags to take care of all that dog poop! Providing a 100% leak-proof guarantee, these extra long and thick bags protect your hands from getting messy, and are designed to safely contain any unpleasant odours inside, phew! Each bag is super easy to open and quickly separates from the rest of the roll, providing a stress free experience on your daily walks.

Containing an EPI additive called TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additive), which accelerates the breakdown process of the bags during a reaction to elements such as heat, oxygen and agitation. And even better - they contain absolutely no latex, leave behind no harmful residue and are non-toxic making them great for the environment. The outer packaging is also 100% recyclable, a fantastic product to take care of poop and the planet!


  • 100% leak-proof guarantee to protect your hands
  • Strong and thick unscented bags
  • Recyclable packaging
  • EPI additive to speed up the degrading process
  • Non-Toxic material
  • Easy to open and separate from the roll
  •  15 microns thick

Use within 24 months, the EPI Additive accelerates the breakdown of the bags.

Store in a cool, dry place. Light and heat can encourage faster degrading.

Also available in scented Lavender.