Leo & Wolf Cold Dried Tripe Treats


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The Leo & Wolf Cold Dried Tripe Treats are the perfect dog treat for training rewards, or just the occasional treat. But this is no average treat, these are made from 92% clean washed tripe, specifically from beef. A cow’s digestive system is made up of 4 stomachs which work together to break down grass with digestive enzymes, amino acids and gastric juices. All of which are super nutritious for dogs as it contributes to their own digestive health function.

Tripe is considered as a complete protein source, just the same as beef, chicken or turkey is. This means that it contains 10 of the essential amino acids which dogs need to consume as part of their diet to get everything that they need from their food.

These cold dried treats are an appealing texture, making them a great option for a highly desired reward. Free from grain, additives, fillers, and preservatives, making them a biologically appropriate treat, like what ancestral dogs would have eaten. Full of flavour and easy to digest, these Leo & Wolf dog treats will be the perfect addition to your dog’s snack time, simply reseal the bag for when you need it next, and then you can bring it wherever you go!

100g bag


  • Cold dried tripe treats made from beef tripe
  • High reward training treat
  • Free from fillers, additives & preservatives
  • Great for your dog’s digestive health
  • Highly digestible
  • Cured using a cold drying method


Protein 36 %
Fat 31.3 %
Fibre 8.4 %
Ash 3.6 %