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The Rukka Proff Boots are designed to protect your dogs feet - perfect for outdoor activities, helping your dog to run or train for longer and can be used to protect an injured foot or sore pad. We’ve all come across the odd injured paw or cut pad with our 4-legged friends. And certain surfaces such as rock, sand and even the pavement can be rough on your dogs pads - Especially when combined with the wear and tear of their usual daily activities!

Features of the Rukka Proff Boots

  • Set of 2 Boots
  • Highly Durable
  • 100% Polyester
  • Flexible & Easy to Fit
  • Reflective Band

The Proff (or Pro in english) Dog Boots from Rukka are recommended to be used on the front paws to help protect dogs that still have their dew claw, which can often be positioned exactly where the fastening of dog boots are located causing discomfort or rubbing for your dog. Used by European Search & Rescue and law enforcement agencies, as well as Finland's first international human rescue dog, this is perfect for dogs trained to seek and rescue humans lost or injured.

The Rukka dog boots have been designed to be easily fitted, making things a whole lot easier for both you and your dog! While the flexible design and Velcro straps help to ensure they stay in place during physical activities. These Rukka Dog Boots are also ideal to protect any current injuries, helping to improve recovery time or even post surgery keeping bandages and wounds clean when out and about.

Available in a range of sizes, ideal to suit a variety dog breeds. And comes complete with grooved rubber soles, giving your dog better grip. While the soft, fleece lined interior provides added comfort and reflective bands help improve visibility in darker conditions.

Size Guide

SIZEBoot Inner Width
2 42mm
3 48mm
4 53mm
5 58mm
6 63mm
7 69mm
8 75mm

How To Measure:

  1. Have your dog stand on a firm surface.
  2. Place a piece of paper under a front paw.
  3. Lift your dog's opposite front paw so that weight is placed firmly onto the paw being measured.
  4. Mark Both sides of the weighted paw at it's widest point on the sheet of paper.
  5. Measure the distance, and choose the correct boot from the sizes above.


Front and back paws may be significantly different. We advise also measuring a back paw using the same method above in case you need to order separate sizes for front and back paws. If your dog has Dew Claws it may be beneficial to use the Proff Boot for front paws as the fastening straps are further apart often keeping clear of the dew claw.

Rukka Proff Boot Size Guide Paw Image
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