120 Lavender Scented Poo Bags by Earth Rated

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These Lavender Scented poo bags by Earth Rated are presented in 100% recyclable packaging and are a fantastic eco friendly product to use on your outdoor adventures. The box contains 8 refill rolls with 120 bags which have a lovely lavender scent, designed to block any unpleasant odors and mask with a flowery aroma. 

Each bag is extra thick and long to protect your hands and arms from any poop contact, and also provides a 100% leak-proof guarantee. With a design that is easy to open and separate from the rest of the roll, enjoy a stress free experience with these bags on your daily walks. 

Containing an EPI additive called TDPA (Totally Degradable Plastic Additive), which accelerates the breakdown process of the bags during a reaction to elements such as heat, oxygen and agitation. And even better - they contain absolutely no latex, leave behind no harmful residue and are non-toxic making them great for the environment. The outer packaging is also 100% recyclable, a fantastic product to take care of poop and the planet!

62% of the Lavender Scent is naturally sourced from essential oils derived from fruits, plants and spices. The remaining 38% is a binding agent that helps the natural scent stick to the bags so each one smells just as good as the last!


  • Strong and thick Lavender Scented bags

  • 100% leak-proof guarantee to protect your hands

  • Recyclable packaging

  • EPI additive to speed up the degrading process

  • Non-Toxic material

  • Easy to open and separate from the roll

  • 15 microns thick

Use within 24 months, the EPI Additive accelerates the breakdown of these bags.

Store in a cool, dry place. Light and heat can encourage faster degrading.

Also available in unscented.