The Lunker by Ruffwear

Description & Size guide


The Ruffwear Lunker is a smart and durable dog toy which is perfect for playtime for puppies and dogs of all ages. The rope lanyard makes it easy to throw long distances and play tug with a determined dog, it is even soft enough to please those delicate mouths. With its sturdy outer core and plump sausage shape the Lunker just cries out to be a retrieve toy. The Gun dog breeds will adore it.

In addition the Ruffwear Lunker is perfect for retrieve from water because it floats and will bob around happily until fetched by your dog, no matter how long it takes him.

With this dog toy Ruffwear and PLUSfoam Compound Technologies have combined to produce a centre core of recycled foam. This combination results in a dog toy that is recycled, recyclable and environmentally friendly. 

Please note:

All Ruff Wear toys are interactive and intended for supervised play. They are not designed to be chew toys.