Road Runner Leash by EzyDog

Description & Size guide

Running with your dog on leash can be a sweaty and awkward exercise. Unless you have a fantastic waist worn dog leash to help you along.

Whether you run, road walk or just need a comfortable high quality hands free dog leash that will last, the Road Runner is a fabulous addition to your canine equipment.

With a sliding side release buckle and incorporated Zero Shock Technology this is a non-jarring, easy wearing and comfortable dog leash for every occasion. Made from EzyDog’s exclusive soft touch webbing and with a good 7ft length the Road Runner is perfect for CaniX and even when you begin jogging with your dog.

The soft Neoprene Handle can be worn around your waist or shoulder to free up your hands during activity. It can also be wrapped around your hand when required. This is a great leash for using with stronger dogs that pull because it prevents jolting to your shoulders and arms, plus protects his sensitive throat area - if your dog wears a collar.

You will only find the superb and patented Zero Shock Technology with EzyDog. The unique design making sure the Road Runner leash is top quality and suitable for high energy activity. This is a smart, reflective dog leash that will serve you and your dog for many years.