Our story

image of dogs in the nature

Meet the Dogs


Founding Dog - Weimaraner

Head Product Tester.
We all sought his opinion, whether it be beds, jackets or toys he knew it all.
Sadly no longer with us.


Founding Dog - Belgian Shepherd

Chief Product Tester.
Like all the girls she loves to try on new clothes and is partial to a toy or two.
The boss, and lets others know.


Hungarian Vizsla

The Apparel Tester.
Typical Vizsla. Can't stand the cold so tests all our winter coats and overalls.
Soft Toy mad & loves to snuggle.


Belgian Shepherd

Belgian Shepherd.
Loves showing off some of the cool gear we have when on his walks.
Joined the team along with Blue.



Chief Toy Tester.
The Athlete of the team! Love's to swim and can't say no to a ball being thrown.
Always being told off by Amber!



All Round Product Tester.
Our laid back member of the team. Nothings too much trouble.
Sadly Passed away April 2019