X-Sport Leash by Hurtta

Description & Size guide

The X-Sport Leash is tough, machine washable and similar to the Hurtta Mountain Rope Leash in the sense it’s not a bungee rope.

Measuring 240cm (2.4 Metres) in length and orange/black in colour it is 0.6 metres shorter than the Mountain leash, but similarly aimed at medium to large active dogs who enjoy fast-paced pulling sports, such as skijoring and canicross, as well as cycling and kickbiking.

Light-weight aluminium parts ensure the rope is as light as possible, yet still robust and durable. It works best with the Hurtta X-Sports Harness and hiking belt. Hurtta are a world-renowned and celebrated Finnish company who have been supplying quality dog outfits and products for more than two decades now.



SIZELead LengthLead Diameter
One Size 240cm (2.4M) 11mm