X-Sport Harness by Hurtta

Description & Size guide

Excellent for fast sporting action with your dog, such as Canicross, Bikejoring and Skijoring in winter and running, cycling and kickbiking in summer, the X-Sport Harness is both tough and light-weight. It’s also very stylish with its slim straps and white detailing on black background.

The X-Sport Harness optimises pulling strength by focusing pressure on one particular point on the dog’s chest then distributing the weight evenly. In so doing it prevents an uncomfortable tugging sensation for both you and your dog. Padding adds more comfort for your canine friend. Size-wise the X-Sport Harness is best for medium to large dogs, and works best with the X-Sport Leash.

Other useful features on the X-Sport Harness include 3M reflectors for illumination during night action and the fact that both the harness and leash can be machine washed, ensuring they come up looking good as new every time. Finnish company Hurtta have been supplying dog products and outfits for more than two decades and are regarded as experts in their field.



How To Measure:

  1. The Back Length should be measured from the withers (not the collar) to the base of the tail, while the dog is standing in the normal position.
  2. The Neckline Measurement should be taken at the base of the neck, this being the widest point of the neck.
  3. The Chest measurement should be taken at the widest point of the chest from behind the front legs.
Back Length
Chest (Girth)
70 58cm (23") 57cm (23") 65-75cm (26-30")
80 60cm (24") 60cm (24") 75-85cm (30-33")
90 63cm (25") 65cm (26") 85-95cm (33-37")