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SUPREME PRO – The World’s Most Absorbent Dog Drying Robe - Save 20% Add to basket for sale price

SICCARO Supreme Pro drying robe is a premium quality dog dryer made from a dual layer combination of viscose and bamboo fabric that removes 80-90% of the water on a wet dog within 15 minutes. The outside bamboo towelling has antibacterial properties, meaning that the Supreme Pro tends to reduce 'wet dog' smell after use. This feature is great for making sure that your home and car don’t adopt the classic “wet dog” pong.

It is easy to put on by unzipping the neck zipper and then simply slide it over the head. It has an adjustable length strap, that fastens around the belly using the signature patented SICCAR ClickLock that can be used with one hand or with gloves on. It’s also helpful if you’re mobility impaired or have arthritis because there is little pressure needed to open and close it.

The coat has great coverage of the chest, stomach, upper front legs which get really wet after wallowing in puddles to get them warm and dry quickly. There are elastic straps that fasten around the back legs so that if they run or roll around, they still get their hind quarters nice and dry. The neck is extra long to cover and dry the head and it’s great for drying fluffy ears too. As mentioned it features a zip opening, meaning that it can alternatively be folded back if your dog prefers to let their ears ‘air dry’.

It is ideal after wet walks, bath time or swimming activities because there is little effort required to put it on and your dog will be dry between 10-20 minutes depending on the length of their fur. Whilst they dry the dog is free to run, roll around and play without it coming off.

Another feature is that in hot temperatures, if you soak the Supreme Pro in cool water and wring out the excess, it has been used successfully as a cooling coat, which can be really handy in the summer months. It’s best not to leave it on too long and always ensure that the coat is damp when using it as a dog cooling coat to ensure your dog doesn’t overheat.

Supreme Pro dog robe comes in 7 different sizes to fit every dog.


  • Quick to put on and dries 80-90% of moisture within 15 mins
  • Natural antibacterial properties of bamboo help reduce “wet dog” smell in the car and home
  • Protection from water damage in the car, office or home
  • A simple solution after wet outdoor activities
  • Easy to use for the while family
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees and you can tumble dry it on low
  • Made in EU – high quality materials
  • No more smelly towels to wash and dry!




How To Measure:

The size of the WetDog Supreme Pro depends of the length measured from the base of the tail to the base of the neck when the head is raised.

Is your dog right between 2 sizes? Get the larger one as it will shrink 3-5% when washed.

SIZEDog's Back Length
X-Small 20-27cm
Small 27-37cm
Medium 37-47cm
Large 47-57cm
X-Large 57-65cm
2X-Large 65-76cm
3X-Large 76-85cm

Supreme Pro Wet Dog Coat by Siccaro

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Now: £67.99
Size Guide