Spotted Pro Smart Pet Tag

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Spotted! Dog

The never ending love for our dogs grows more and more every day, even the thought of losing them fills us with worry! Thankfully, this handy little waterproof device will give you some peace of mind and allows us all to work together and get our wandering pooches back home to safety. Pop the Spotted Pro tag on your dog's collar or harness, register your account with your details and you're good to go. When someone finds your dog on an unattended adventure, they can scan the QR Code with their phone camera to retrieve your details. You will also be notified of the date, time and location of where the scan occurred. With a completely unlimited range, this really is the perfect device for all pet owners out there!

How does it work?

Download the Spotted Pro app on the App Store or Google Play to create an account with your email address. Pop in your information like name and phone number so finders can contact you, then add your pet. Scan the QR Barcode with your phone camera (or a QR Scanner app, there are many free ones available). No need to take a photo, just position the code in the middle of your screen to scan. Or you can use the. NFC (contactless) option to scan the code. After this, you will be asked to enter your dog's details, you can include as much or as little as you like.

Test to see how it works by asking someone else to scan the QR Code with their phone camera, a link will pop up on their screen. When they follow the link and it will show all of the information you provided, including your phone number so anyone who finds your dog can call or text you to let you know! When they open the link, anyone in your family who has the app downloaded will receive a push notification to say that your dog has been scanned. When you click on the notification, it will open the app and tell you the exact date, time and location of where they were scanned, the location will even open directly into google maps so you can navigate directly to the spot!


  • No battery needed
  • NFC Chip and QR Barcode Technology
  • No monthly fee or subscription
  • Waterproof design
  • Free app on Google Play & the App Store
  • Connects finder and owner in seconds
  • Protects your privacy (you decide what information to share)
  • Quick and Easy solution
  • Unlimited range, scan anywhere in the world!


Small - Suitable for small dogs and cats

Large - Suitable for medium to large dogs