Description & Size guide

Kurgo Lifetime WarrantyDesigned specifically for smaller dogs the Kurgo Skybox Booster Seat is a great way to keep your pup safe whilst driving. The boost will allow him to look out of the window plus strong high sides will help him to feel, and stay, safe whilst travelling in the car.

Older pets can struggle with the rocking and start/stop motion of a moving car. Balance can become a problem and the poor dog can even end up falling off the seat. By putting your pet into a high sided booster seat you are offering him extra protection and taking away the stress related to travelling.

The booster seat attaches firmly to the car passenger seat offering height and security for your dog. It will prevent him wandering around the car on your journey and for convalescing pets will help to prevent hurt or injury when you have to brake quickly. It even has handy pockets which every canine carrying car can benefit from.

This pet booster seat can carry a dog that weighs up to 30lbs, installs quickly but is very secure when fitted and has an inbuilt tether to prevent escape. The tether attaches to any canine harness. It even has a washable liner, perfect for the car sick or drooling traveller. With its solid structural design that includes metal supports and the ability to collapse when not in use this canine car booster seat is the perfect addition to every car journey.

We recommend using with the Kurgo Enhanced Strength Tru-Fit Smart Harness or similar strong canine harness.

Note: If your booster seat is involved in an accident, like child car seats and bike helmets, the booster seat should be replaced.


12" 16" 8"

Skybox Booster Seat by Kurgo