Siccaro Dog Drying Robes

Siccaro produce a range of world class dog drying products.

From the Supreme Pro Dog Drying coat that dries your dog 80-90% in up to 15 Minutes. Bamboo fibre has antibacterial properties, meaning that the Supreme Pro tends to reduce 'wet dog' smell after use and it also protects your home and car from bad odour.

The FlexDog Mat perfect for in your car or around the home and the outside layer of the FlexDog Mat features our famous non-toxic, organic bamboo outer layer that naturally protects your dog’s special bed from collecting bad odours. Within the mat is a super absorbent viscose blend that can soak up moisture if your dog has just been for a walk, been in the rain or had a bath.

The DryGloves  are some of the most unique drying gloves in the world. Unlike regular pet drying gloves, they are made with two layers of fabric including a super absorbent layer of viscose which can soak up to 11x it’s weight in water and an organic bamboo absorbent terry cloth. It’s the perfect solution for quickly and safely drying your dog, horse or other pet along with any other spills in your home or car.