Description & Size guide

New 2018 Re-Design

Hip belts are a great item of dog equipment. A secure canvas belt that will attach the dog securely to you on runs or other sports is invaluable. This type of dog equipment leaves your hands free during walks, runs, cycling and an array of other canine activities. The belt has to be comfortable though and feel secure or it won’t provide the benefits that it should.

The demand for a quality item of this type is where the Omnijore Hip Belt from Ruffwear comes in to play.  Originally part of the Omnijore™ Joring System, our most popular three item canine pulling system we found that the hip belt was so popular we decided to offer it as a separate item.

The belt, because it is designed for Joring is hugely secure and also has a quick release strap if you have to detach from the dog quickly. It also has new and improved design for the leg straps to keep it in place and is designed from comfortable webbing.

The hip belt fits human waist size 27-48" (68-123 cm) and has handy pockets for water and other small essential items.


  • Comfortable, load-dispersing design
  • Tow bridle allows for 180 degrees of tow direction for use in multiple sports
  • Intuitive towline release for quick disconnect
  • Leg loops keep the hipbelt in place and can be removed when desired
  • Water bottle holster and two zippered pockets for basci essentials

Omnijore Hip Belt by Ruffwear