Description & Size guide

The Most Successful Training sausage ever! - 100% Meat 100% Choppable

Meatlove introduce the Meat & trEAT training sausage and never before has a training treat excited so many dogs and people.

Developed as a healthy and species appropriate dog snack these sausages have a firm consistency and are easily and cleanly cut into small training pieces, perfect for mastering the training class.

Made from a single protein source, the best meat, heart and a little fat are the ingredients. Because of their single protien source they are also a real delight for four-legged friends that are sensitive to food too.

Key features

  • Single protein source in each flavour

  • The best muscle meat with healthy fat content

  • Grain and Gluten Free

  • Highly recommended by dog trainers

  • Top4Dog 2017 award

  • Several mouth watering doggy flavours

  • Pack size 200g & 80g Single shot



  • Buffalo - 70% lean meat, 20% heart. 9.5% Fat and 0.5% sea salt
  • Poultry - 70% lean meat, 20% heart. 9.5% Fat and 0.5% sea salt
  • Salmon - 100% salmon
  • Cheese - 35% Turkey meat, 35% beef meat, 30% raw milk cheese

Meat & trEAT by Meatlove