Kurgo Lifetime Warranty


Kurgo Lifetime Warranty


Kurgo prides itself in making superior quality products. There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a product that breaks. If, during your product’s lifetime, it does not function as it should due to a manufacturing defect, we will replace your product free of charge. Hassle and worry free!


What is covered by the Kurgo Warranty?
Manufacturer’s defects caused by poor craftsmanship or defective hardware or materials when purchased through authorised Kurgo dealers.

What is not covered by the Kurgo Warranty?
All products are warrantied against manufacturing defects when purchased through an authorised dealer. If your Kurgo product is damaged in the course of normal (or abnormal) wear and tear, you may not qualify for our warranty replacement.

Kurgo's Lifetime warranty is not available for Kurgo toys, because toys, after all, are mostly to be chewed. We believe Kurgo toys are very durable, but some dogs are tougher chewers than others.

Products damaged while being used in an unintended way are not covered by the lifetime warranty. For example, the Wander Hammock is intended to be used between two seats sitting on top of a bench seat. You cannot hang a Wander Hammock between two trees or over an open space and expect it to hold any weight.

How does the Kurgo Warranty work?
Fill out our Warranty Claim Form which requires pictures showing the defect and we’ll take a look. If the claim meets our guidelines, we will send you a replacement product free of charge.

If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions about your Kurgo Product, we're here to help. Please feel free to email us at or call us directly at 01383 624127.