Keepers Mix by Dorwest

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The multi-health benefits of Dorwest Keepers mix were first discovered by a Dorset gamekeeper and kennel owner. Since, and with scientific research the ingredients were perfectly united to provide a fantastic overall health supplement for dogs and even cats.

Created with working dogs in mind this herbal supplement is perfect for high energy workers including those taking part in agility, flyball and other highly active dogs.

The beauty of Dorwest Keepers mix is that it regulates the functions of the canine body and keeps everything in great working order. Plus, like all Dorwest products, this supplement is earning 5/5 reviews for effectiveness.


  • Wild Yam - for a healthy intestinal system
  • Lucerne (Alfalfa) - to provide a highly nutritious source of vitamins A, C, E and K
  • Kelp Seaweed - providing minerals, coat growth and pigmentation
  • Clivers - to maintain healthy skin, kidney and bladder function
  • Rosemary - for good digestion and to settle flatulence plus to maintain a healthy heart
  • Nettles - to provide chlorophyll and vitamin C
  • Psyllium - helping to maintain a healthy bowel and digestion
  • Celery seeds – to maintain suppleness and free movement

Dorwest keepers mix can be given to your dog from eight weeks old and also used during pregnancy and lactation. It is suitable for use with other medicines due to its natural ingredients and can be used permanently.

Administration: Small dogs & cats 1 measure; Medium dogs 2 measures; large dogs 3 measures; Giant breeds 4 measures. Measure included in pack and equivalent to a half teaspoonful. Best introduced gradually to the feed to improve acceptability.