Description & Size guide

Helga Hippo from Fluff & Tuff dog toys is hungry for playtime and love. Helga's Compact shape and 11 inches is perfect for all sizes of dog who love to play tug and fetch.

She can be carried around, played fetch with and tugged on for many hours and still look like new, if a bit soggy! She has a super safe squeaker and risk free stitched eyes keeping her safe for the chewers amongst us.

  • Extra strong, super plush outer fabric cover
  • Strong and thick inner mesh liner
  • Double stitched at the seam for durability
  • Squeaky centre tucked away within a super safe core
  • Built to last

A compact 11" in length makes perfect for most dogs that want a playtime buddy.

Though super tough Helga Hippo is not completely indestructible therefore dogs, that are tenacious chewers, should be watched whilst she is in their care. 

27.9cm (11")

Helga Hippo by Fluff & Tuff