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Is the green grass in your garden more like dry hay, or perhaps not even grass at all. This is because a dog’s urine can easily kill grass as it comes into contact with it.

You may have heard of Dog Rocks, or you may just be getting desperate whilst losing sight of your lush green lawn as your dog merrily toilets on it. Ingenious Dog Rocks are added to your dog’s drinking water and will stop her urine from wrecking your lawn.

Dog Rocks work by helping to purify the water. They do this by removing some nitrates, ammonia and harmful trace elements thereby giving your dog a cleaner source of water. As the same time as lowering the amount of nitrates found in their diet naturally lowering the amount of grass killing nitrates in the urine. The Rocks leave nothing in the dog’s drinking water and will just take away some excessive nitrates.

Each separate bowl of water, in the home, will need a whole pack of Dog Rocks in. The pack will then last three months. During the summer months you may need to replace them sooner as more drinking water will pass through the bowl.

So why delay, if you want a lush lawn, get your order in for Dog Rocks today.