Fresh Breeze Mat by AFP

Description & Size guide

If you are looking for a bed for your dog which provides comfort while keeping them cool the Fresh Breeze Mat by All for Paws is just the answer.

The fresh breeze mat is designed with a springy plastic noodle mattress which enables air to flow around and under your dog rather than allowing a build-up of heat in the way a traditional soft dog bed or blanket can. This means that The Fresh Breeze mat will give your dog the ideal place to relax during hot summer days whether at home, out and about at events such as dog shows or even when travelling in the car.

The plastic noodle mattress also ensures that your dog is supported by their Fresh Breeze Mat which gives a comfortable bed which can be placed directly on the floor or used in combination other beds.

Featuring a removable zip fastened cover, which is machine washable in cold water and quick dry materials, the Fresh Breeze Mat is easy to keep clean making it the ideal place for wet and muddy dogs to recline after exercising while they dry.

The Fresh Breeze Mat is the perfect choice to help keep your dog feeling cool this summer.



SIZEDimensions (cm)
Small L 36 x W 50 x H 6
Medium L 75 x W 50 x H 6