PowAir Gel Odour Neutraliser

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PowAir Odour Neutraliser Gel is a real must have for any dog owner. A clever neutralising gel, this is the No.1 odour neutraliser to eliminate bad smells permanently. Recommended for use in large rooms and spaces - Perfect to ensure your home doesn’t have that ‘doggy’ smell!

The PowAir’s Gel Odour Neutraliser is suitable to be used to tackle a wide range of odour problems, creating a cleaner and fresher smelling environment. This is an industrial strength odour neutraliser, safe to use at home.

Designed to eliminate virtually any type of doggy related odour, helping to neutralise and remove bad smells - Often created from our very own, loveable 4-legged friends!

Many air fresheners, only mask bad smells and do not solve the problem. PowAir Gel uses an essential oil based odour removal technology, to quickly and safely remove bad odours, rather than just cover them up. Infused with pleasant fragrances to leave the air smelling clean and fresh.

Simply Place the PowAir Gel Deodoriser in the affected rooms or areas. Often useful to use near your dogs sleeping, bedding or play areas. As well as useful in the kitchen, placing this near to feeding areas to help eliminate any unwanted and overpowering dog food smells.

How it Works

Easy to use, all you need to do is scoop out a cup or two of the gel and place it in a dish or small tray to disperse around your home. Alternativley just open the jar and leave it until the gel disappears - And you’re done.

The PowAir Gel is long lasting, quick and easy to use. Benefiting from an environmentally friendly formula, which is safe to be used around people, pets and plants.


  • Industrial Strength. Yet safe for your home
  • Can be used around People, pets and plants
  • Long lasting
  • Simple to use
  • Three great fragrances
  • Available in various sizes