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Dorwest Cod Liver Oil Supplements are a complementary supplement that can be added into your dog’s diet to help with health conditions and boost growth development of vital organs.

For young puppies, it is essential that they are given as many vitamins as possible to help them grow and develop properly, whether this is through the type of food they eat or by choosing to add in extra supplements to give them the boost they need. Cod liver oil works to assist the development of puppies’ eyes and brain helping them to grow into strong and healthy dogs. An excellent source of vitamin D to support strong bones and the absorption of calcium to also maintain dental health, with vitamin A which promotes healthy skin and a shiny coat.

Dogs, just like humans, can be diagnosed with various illnesses as they grow older, but adding a supplement into their diet can help them live a happy life no matter what it throws at them. Cod liver oil has anti-inflammatory benefits making it a great supplement to help with heart disease and arrhythmia as well as arthritis in the joints. The anti-plaque qualities from cod liver oil help to clean blood vessels working to lower the blood pressure and improve circulation.

A daily supplement in a capsule that is slow releasing to give your dog the health benefits it needs over the duration of the day.


  • Supports healthy bones and joint health
  • Helps with blood pressure and circulation
  • Good source of vitamin D & A
  • Slow releasing
  • Suitable from 8 weeks

Ingredients: Cod Liver Oil 315mg, Gelatin, Glycerin

Administration: 1 Capsule per 10kgs bodyweight daily