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Description & Size guide

Hurtta with their unwavering desire to design and manufacture the highest quality products have once again brought us the perfect coat or Overall for those of us with long haired dog.

The Downpour Suit Dog Overall is a waterproof and dirt-resistant rain overall that protects your whole dog during the worst that our weather has to throw at it.

Hurtta’s latest innovation is the addition of a rain trap built into the high collar which stops rain from going inside the overall. Made from oko-tex fabric this overall is durable and comfortable for your dog to wear when running around free on walks or play.

Another innovation is the adjustable leg length which along with the usual neck and waist adjusters allows you to customise the fit for your dog and keep the overall in place even in the most active of play.

Finally ample 3M reflectors are used in the collar and hind legs for added visibility and safety during those darker walks.


  • Waterproof oko-tex fabric and taped seams

  • High Collar with internal rain trap

  • Adjustable Legs as well as waist and collar

  • Full coverage design

  • Perfect for long haired dogs

  • 3M Reflectors for visibility




How To Measure:

  1. The Back Length should be measured from the withers (not the collar) to the base of the tail, while the dog is standing in the normal position.
  2. The Neckline Measurement should be taken at the base of the neck, this being the widest point of the neck. The Neckline of an overall can be longer than the circumference of the dogs neck, as it can be adjusted to fit a smaller neck.
  3. The Chest measurement should be taken at the widest point of the chest from behind the front legs. To ensure sufficient freedom of movement, the chest of an overall should be 5-20cm (2-8") wider than the dogs chest.
  4. The front leg length should be measured from the bottom of the rib cage along the inner side of the leg to the wrist bone. The legs of an overall are of an appropriate length when they reach down to the dogs forearms.
  5. The hind leg length should be measured from the bottom of the stomach along the inside of the leg to the hock. The legs are of an appropriate length when they reach your dog's hock.
Back Length
Chest (Girth)
Front Leg
Hind Leg
30S 30cm (12") 44cm (18") 53cm (21") 9cm 11cm
30M 30cm (12") 44cm (18") 60cm (24") 11cm 11cm
30L 30cm (12") 44cm (18") 60cm (24") 14cm 17cm
35S 35cm (14") 49cm (20") 59cm (24") 10cm 13cm
35M 35cm (14") 49cm (20") 68cm (27") 12.5cm 13.5cm
35L 35cm (14") 54cm (22") 68cm (27") 18.5cm 19cm
40XS 40cm (16") 50cm (20") 56cm (22") 4.5cm 6.5cm
40M 40cm (16") 54cm (22") 72cm (28") 16.5cm 16cm
40L 40cm (16") 60cm (24") 75cm (30") 20cm 21.5cm
45XS 45cm (18") 55cm (22") 65cm (26") 5cm 7.5cm
45M 45cm (18") 60cm (24") 78cm (32") 18cm 17cm
50M 50cm (20") 68cm (27") 84cm (34") 20cm 20cm
50L 50cm (20") 64cm (26") 88cm (35") 24cm 26.5cm
55M 55cm (22") 72cm (28") 92cm (36") 21.5cm 25.5cm
55L 55cm (22") 70cm (28") 98cm (39") 27.5cm 33cm
60M 60cm (24") 74cm (30") 96cm (37") 24.5cm 27cm
60L 60cm (24") 72cm (28") 101cm (39") 28.5cm 35cm
65M 75cm (26") 78cm (32") 100cm (39") 27cm 28.5cm

Downpour Suit by Hurtta

Size Guide