Dog Twister Puzzle Game by Nina Ottosson

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Description & Size guide

Keep your dog entertained with this Level 3 Dog Twister puzzle by Nina Ottosson. Especially perfect for more advanced dogs who would benefit from a higher difficulty but can still be used with dogs of all play levels. The Dog Twister encourages both mental stimulation and independent play, allowing your dog to learn whilst having fun! This treat dispensing toy is suitable for all dogs, regardless of age and size.

The treat compartments are easy to clean, hand wash with warm soapy water, rinse clean and dry for the next use.

How to play:

Pull the white handles on the outside of the puzzle to unlock the ‘paw panels’ and insert your dog’s treats or kibble into the compartments. Now you can slide the paw panels back into their locked position and push the white handles back in to secure. Place the game on the floor and let your pooch figure out what to do! Give them a helping hand by unlocking and sliding the panels to expose the hidden treats, let them have a sniff and show them where to go.

Frozen puzzle:

Use some canned food, wet food or any other treats, mix with some water and pour into each compartment. Place the Dog Brick into the freezer and you will be left with some frozen treats for your pup to find. Great for hot weather, energetic dogs or just for some extended fun.

Suitable for all dogs of any age and size. Easy to clean by hand washing with warm soapy water. Always supervise your dog whilst playing, don’t let them chew on the toy or attachments.

The Dog Twister is 26cm diameter and 4.5cm in height


  • Level 3 puzzle for advanced challenges
  • Sliding and lockable compartments
  • Easy to clean with warm soapy water
  • For all ages and sizes
  • Fights boredom and reduces destructive behaviour
  • Great for play time with you and your dog