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In this set are two Ruffwear Basecamp Bowls and one Basecamp Mat.


What’s the best way to keep your dog feed and hydrated on the go? Here at K9 we love the new Ruffwear Basecamp Dog Bowl… A highly versatile, stainless steel dog bowl, built to last and perfect to take on your daily adventures.

Great for use at home, just as much as it is when away travelling. Ideal to take on road trips or days out such as hiking to keep at basecamp ready for your return and fantastic for camping trips.

It’s non-slip base makes it easy to take out in the camper, or on long distance drives and it won’t move around on slippery kitchen floors with it's silicone grip base. Highly recommended for the ‘eager’ (messy) eaters and drinkers amongst us!

The Basecamp Dog Bowl is also stackable – Perfect for when you’re short of space during camping holidays, on hiking trips and activity days out.

Suitable for use as a water bowl or food bowl and its shaped bottom ensures both collect in the middle making it easier to reach.



The Basecamp Mat has been designed to fit the Bascamp Dog Bowls perfectly and can fit 2 bowls side by side.

Keeping your dog’s food and water bowls together, all in one place - Thanks to the handy grip base design. This Basecamp dog bowl mat is also easy to clean and helps to contain any mess from the ‘keen’ eaters and drinkers!

Helping to keep your floor clean and slip free at home, as well as great to use in smaller areas such as camper vans, perfect to keep living areas nice and tidy.

Designed to contain and minimise spills, this waterproof dog food mat is perfect to use anywhere, anytime! 

Basecamp Bowl Set by Ruffwear

Was: £100.97
Now: £89.99