Back Seat Barrier by Kurgo

Was: £37.99
Now: £23.52
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Kurgo Lifetime WarrantyDo you spend your car journeys gently pushing your persistent pooch back onto the back seat? The dog that fills the area between the two front seats with hot excited breath and dripping drool can become a travelling nightmare which is why we would like to introduce the Kurgo Backseat Barrier.

Keep your front seats canine free with this super stylish cloth barrier which will gently prevent that hop into the driver’s seat at the first opportunity. Attaching to the back of your front seats the Kurgo Backseat Barrier will settle the dog that tends to roam around the car.

With a soft mesh top and yet strong solid cloth design this is exactly what you need to break your dog’s habit of leaping around the vehicle and spreading his love, mud and hair over every surface that he can. Versatile and simple to install and remove the design ensures that you can still use the backseat area as normal yet the front area of your vehicle stays dog free.

With a universal fit for most vehicles from a compact to a SUV the only thing it does not accommodate is two door cars or minivans. The Kurgo Backseat Barrier will also keep your much loved dogs in place when you have to brake quickly. It even has a handy pocket to store his water bottle or favourite toy.